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My life is messy

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 21, 2014, 1:40 AM
Volume XVI

So... videogames.

I think my whole last year was a complete rollercoaster ride. I don't think I've worked so hard in my life. 
The games I worked on were incredibly different and jumping between polar opposite visual styles. Was like doing 
paint-yoga for 12 months non-stop. 

So where am I now after it's all shipped and on sale?
Feeling very proud because Resogun really is fantastic
and when playing it I can feel all the love we put into it's game design and 

Also I'm dead tired... and kind of lost. 

 I spent so much time focused on achieving the goals I set for myself at work that now that I achieved
them there's suddenly this big void of nothing. I think I work pretty well under pressure but when I'm not
"driven" by a goal that I feel passionate about like that I unravel like toilet paper in the wind.

Yes the obvious thing is to focus on next games. However I feel like I  kind of need more substance in my life.
I just have no idea what that might be so my plan is to:

A) give myself a bit time off to just be for once, maybe even reconnect with people I haven't seen in ages
B) explore things I could do with my art.

I feel like doing a small visual project would be fun at this point. When creating a whole world for a game 
you can feel a bit hollow afterwards because it's probably 2 to 3 years of your life that you've spent in a completely
fictional space. Doing something smaller right now would probably feel like less risky for my soul.  
It needs to mend before it can give again. =)

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  • Eating: On a damn diet for the 3rd month in a row.
  • Drinking: lol, I wish! See above.


Journal Entry: Wed Dec 14, 2011, 1:47 AM
Volume XVI

Winner(s) of the free prints have been raffled and they will be announced later this week.
I hope you all have your DA account address settings up to date.

I just HAD to write this journal to let you all know OUTLAND has been nominated for best graphics on!!!

Not only that but check out the competition!!…

The design of Outland's visual look was a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of hard work so seeing the game up there with the giants of the industry is no doubt
one of the absolute highlights of my career.

I'm writing this journal from work and my desks are still buried under the thousands of ink-drawings I drew for this game.

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Win a FREE Print!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 25, 2011, 12:27 AM
Volume XVI

My 200 000 pageviews in this gallery is approaching and I wanted to thank your constant support by giving away some FREE stuff!

To decide exactly who gets what I had a bit of trouble deciding that since I don't want to give people stuff that they don't want.

Therefore the only requirement that's needed to participate in this compo is to have something from my store in your wish-list. Be it a canvas print, mug or a simple magnet all equally eligible to win the mentioned print, puzzle or thing.


Otherwise it will be impossible for me to see that you have anything on your wish-list!

I might end up fulfilling multiple wishes because I have plenty of moolah in my DA account.

Consider this as a group-hug between me and all of you awesome guys. I can't think of any better way to say that I love you all. (at least the kind  that doesn't involve contraceptives!)

The compo will run until mid December so it'll be a Xmas present as well. =)

Consider yourselves loved! :hug:

Here's some products to get you started and don't forget to mention the wish here in this journal:

Echo of a Lost Memory by angrymikko Explorer's Heart by angrymikko Acid Tracks by angrymikko One More Day by angrymikko(<--looks amazing as a print because it's hand painted media, just sayin'!) Bunny Heaven by angrymikko Village of the Bridge by angrymikko

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  • Playing: Outland (&lt;--AWESOME TREES!)
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New game in the works.

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 19, 2011, 1:09 AM
Volume XVI

Go to this link---> <----(I know it's hard to see on this BG I'm sorry. I'll update my journal look when I have more time!)

To see a teaser trailer of what I'm working on after Outland.
For future updates you can follow the game on Facebook:…

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Gameplay video!!1!!!!one1!!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 26, 2011, 8:41 AM
Volume XIV

This is a link I want everyone to see! I've been in the jungle for years and it's a beautiful place!

Seriously please check it out. I'm really happy with the way these locations turned out and can't wait to play it at home soon.
Maybe I'll just leave it on and drink coffee while watching those yellow leaves fall.

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  • Playing: FFXI I LOVE this game!
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Where the hell am I?

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 27, 2010, 1:06 AM
Volume XIV

I'm really sorry if I've missed a note or e-mail here's my lame excuse:

In game development limbo.

Will be out in a few months and then I can probably focus on my own work for a while.

I had an intention of doing a collaboration with one design studio but time constraints have left me helpless to even e-mail my own father during Xmas =(             

Honestly though after drawing for a game for 10+hrs a day I get a gag reflex when I see a monitor at home.
I've been thinking of getting myself a tablet PC so I wouldn't have to sit in front of my PC-desk.

Besides painting I wish I had more time to play games, though I feel like the kind of games I like haven't been released in 8 years.
Isn't it weird that somebody doing the work I do prefers ps1 era classics with jagged edges and blurry pre-rendered backgrounds in SD?

Here's a link to an upcoming game that I think is rally beautiful in it's own way.… =D

"You know your game has a solid art style when you can take a still frame from it and have that be a decent desktop wallpaper."-Destructoid (yes I read that line every time I feel work fatigue XD):bounce:

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  • Reading: Michael Thomas Ford
  • Watching: Vivienne Westwoods Anglomania line &lt;3
  • Playing: FFXI I LOVE this game!
  • Drinking: lol, I wish!

Short and sweet a must-see link! =D

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 3, 2010, 3:19 PM
Volume XIV

Even if it's a bit hard to see on this BG:

I'm sorry but I can't answer any questions about it. I hope you'll understand. Also coming to XBLA.




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The worst that can happen: Artist's BLOCK!!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 26, 2009, 12:47 AM
Volume XIII

Free shipping until 27th!
Only one more day to go.
I want some of this color on my wall to get through the gray fall.

My Samurai by angrymikko One More Day by angrymikko Water is warm by angrymikko
Skin by angrymikko View From the Rock Bridge by angrymikko Echo of a Lost Memory by angrymikko Village of the Bridge by angrymikko

This and couple of previous weeks have been super busy. Tuesday's are the worst because after a long day of drawing at work I have the life drawing class which lasts so long that after that I have to go straight to bed. While sleeping is all well and good I can't escape the feeling that I've let myself down by not doing any of my own work on Tuesdays.

I have the constant artist's guilt. The tool that I can use as a energy resource when motivation runs out. It doesn't help if my finger has callous from holding a pen or that tattooed boobs flash across my eyes after I close them come Tuesday night. Guilt is my feeling every night when I go to sleep. I think of all the paintings I haven't yet done. But should have.

Then I read the forums of da (when I should be drawing of course). I see that there is an epidemic called artist's block. People experiencing it don't want to paint or can't think of anything to create. Artist's with this disease seem to suffer greatly and everybody responding to their pleas of help or questions on how to find the magical thing: inspiration.

All I can do is be jealous. I've never had an artist's block. it sounds too wonderful to be true. I picture myself on the beach sipping some mojitos, relaxing like nobody's business. When people ask me why am I not sketching i put on my painful look of worry and gasp in my weakest voice: "I would draw but I have the most dreadful artist block you can think of! I hope it goes away soon" Then I would stir the ice cubes of my drink with it's pink umbrella.

Next time when I land the stylus on my tablet I should be thankful that there's something in my mind to paint. And I really should stop being such a whiny bitch! Now THERE'S something to feel guilty about.

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Tweets and new icon.

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 6, 2009, 1:51 AM
Volume XIII

Let's keep it short and sweet!
You can now follow me on twitter.
I can be found in the following link:

Where I'll post most of my art stuff and also links to the stuff I like and am inspired by. Don't expect any "I'm going to bed now"-tweets from me. I'm not that self centered. Also if you have any special wishes for what kind of links you'd like to see there let me know.

I also changed my icon. it's about god damn time too!
Well see if it stick or gets changed into something better. Hate it? Love it or couldn't care less? Let me know =)

Today I'll got o international game developers meeting (IGDA) right after a long and always so boring life drawing class. It's going to be a long day.

I blasted trough Devil May Cry 4. It reminded me why I've always loved Capcom so much. I'm now playing DMC3 which I think I'm enjoying even more.

Oh and i finished Prinny too. It's hard as diamond but it's also a treasure like one too. I won't recommend it to anyone unless you're willing to find pure gaming bliss under the punishing torture of it's difficulty curve.

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Finnish Concept Art Exhibition

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 20, 2009, 12:35 AM
Volume XIII

Some of my paintings I've made at work are NOW hanging at the café wall from 19.8. - 22.8. Note that the exhibition is for a very short while so go there quickly. I'm planning on going there tomorrow when it's "Night of the Arts" here in Helsinki.

The address is: Kaisaniemenkatu 1 & Mikonkatu 13 Sisapiha
It's right next to Ateneum.

More info with a few images from the exhibition and a fancy map at the following link

This whole event was a bit of a surprise to me so I had a DAY to decide on all the pictures to print and then arranging them into some order that makes sense. I also arranged the pictures of other artists there. It's been a busy week to say at least.

Dead Nation was announced to the public yesterday. You can see it on Sony's page here:…

That image at the top of the page was painted by me and I just put it on my wall of concept art next to my desk. It's also in the exhibition with the portraits of those characters.

Everybody who's able should go to that café if not for art then for Vanilla Coke they serve =D

Here's a little teaser from the exhibition:



Oh god thanks photobucket compression for raping my paintings.

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  • Playing: Prinny OMFFFFFG IT'S SO HARD!
  • Drinking: Hopefully soon.

Drawing in Public

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2009, 1:12 AM
Volume XI

Decided to post the following forum post as a journal because it's also about my life as an artist.

I'm know what I'm about to say only reflects the fact that I'm a grumpy old man that's slightly neurotic. You probably don't believe this but I just pulled out the windows calculator to figure out my own age (2009-1984=25!).

Anyway I try to keep my drawing abilities by using them as often as possible. Several art teachers have told me this is healthy and some personal experience has convinced me to believe it's true. putting on my headphones and drawing in my own world is even fun so I keep at it. The doodles I do in my tiny sketchbook are usually very quick 90 second drawings based on the people I see from my the window of the train that takes me to work every day. Because I focus on quick gestures and not on the people actually in the train I thought I'd be left alone to do my own silly drawings. But no.

Five times out of ten somebody has to lean over in an exaggerated way to make sure I know they're looking. if I still fail to respond to their staring most people offer their own free critique of my own work. "That doesn't quite look like him" or "A bit messy one, my nice is also an artist she does the most detailed images you know." No I don't know nor do I care.

Why is it the lady sitting opposite to me can read her book "Men Who Hate Women" without anyone bothering her like this. What about the guy behind me who's using his cellphone as a radio to blast Eminem all over the atmosphere. Surely not everyone can be a fan of whatever is on his playlist next?

I know I wouldn't feel this way if I was a singer or dancer and practicing on a public place as both of those are about performing to other people. Or at least people can enjoy the act of someone singing if it's beautiful enough. But me opening my sketchbook in the train isn't supposed to be an open invite to view my drawing abilities. My sketchbook is tiny, it's not like I'm setting up easel for action painting on the L-train I sit on for all of 20 minutes during my trip.

Today I brought my biggest of the 4 headphones I own. I thought even though I wasn't listening to anything I'd be left alone on my daily sketch session. The man opposite to me peeked at my sketchpad several times and the looked at me clearly smiling very broadly. After that he gave me a "two thumbs up"-gesture. I couldn't help but smile. Clearly the public approved my show for today. =)

Btw, it's funny how there's not enough space in the playing section to mention all the games I'm playing currently and yes I'm actively playing and going to finish ALL of those games.

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Losing the Plot

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 23, 2009, 12:43 PM
Volume XI

What motivates you to play a video game? What makes you want to see the next level?

I've been thinking about this a lot recently and I think there might not even be a real answer to it as it's all subjective to the person and the actual video game. Right now I'm playing Pop Sands of time FF III, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates, FFXII Revenant Wings, Animal Crossing WW and Psychonauts.
They all have very different ways of motivating the player. Well I don't know where the motivation is in FFXII RW or FFCCROF (jesus who came up with that lenghty name?).

For example I'll try to explain why I've been playing JRPGs.

In most JRPGs for me the motivation is to see how the story ends. There is also the hook of levelling up to see your character do that final +3 damage. I admit that most JRPGs are as passive entertainment as they come. Most of the total playtime comes from fighting the same monsters and pressing the same button until you reach the next plot point. I'll admit with some shame that most fight systems just aren't any fun.

It's like the game writer has managed to get me hooked on their drug and I need to play the same damn fight sequence a billion times to get my next hit.

If the game consisted only of turn based fighting would you play it? If Squaresoft had released FF 7 where your ultimate goal had been simply to level up your party to the max I'd bet my Legendary Weapons it wouldn't have been an instant classic.

In most cases where story exposition cuts between the playable bits I find the immersion gets broken but in most JRPGs I welcome it with open arms as it's presented as a reward. In all fairness I find it as a reward from the repetitive battles and as that next dose of the plot drug that they got me with in that expensive into cut scene.

With all this ungrateful bitching I'm sure you think I'm a complete ass for playing any of those games in the first place. I'm not masochistic and there are piles of games I just stopped playing because I just didn't find them all that interesting. (Oblivion and Eternal Sonata go back to your corner of shame!) But there are the good elements that far outweigh the bad ones.

They made me interested in their game. I want to know how the story ends. Therefore I care for the main character (me? :heart: =D ) or the npc/world/donkey my character is supposed to save. Based on those two facts I could claim that I enjoy living in the game world and that's why I find some enjoyment even in the never-ending random encounters as well. I can say without a doubt that I enjoyed every second of Lost Odyssey and it's world and characters left a beautiful memory in my mind.

Same can be said for my favourite game FFIX. Whenever I listen to it's soundtrack I can still feel what I was feeling during the game and remembering it makes me genuinely happy every time. Finishing a plot driven game can become a wonderful memory. That's enough motivation for me.

I'd love to hear what your motivation was to play your favourite game. The graphics, level design, story, game play it could be anything.

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Helsingin Sanomat

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 13, 2008, 11:56 PM
Volume XI

Hi everyone,

to all the Finnish watchers: There's an article about on today's Helsingin Sanomat (the biggest Finnish news paper to all those who don't know it). It features :iconangrymikko: and :iconsuzi9mm: from this site.

While it was an honor to be interviewed for that news paper there is one error in the  text. The art school I have studied traditional art is called Alfa Art NOT the one mentioned in the article.

To be more precise I actually dislike the art school mentioned in the article quite much because their program is very unprofessional and "loose" and I don't want to be associated with those hippies. =D

Ahem that's about it. Maybe I should post a scan of it too, Oh yeah my scanner is broken, well I'll have to scan it at work tomorrow.

Anyway there was even picture of me and my "Only Music Will Take You There" which is great. I was worried they would pick some terribly old piece of **** to go with the article. What's more they didn't slam my artwork in th text! All I can say is: YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! :dance:

I'm currently working on Star Wars commissions so that's keeping me busy during my free time.

I won't start any new projects without proper payment so please don't expect me to work for free for anything. (this should go without saying but you'd be surprised how common it is)

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Pictures from the exhibition!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 1, 2008, 12:36 PM
Volume X

I don't know why this journal took so much time to put together but I've got some pictures from the exhibition that I'm glad I can share here. First of all I was lucky to have my sister and bf to "help" me to put the paintings on the walls. (I basically just stood there looking helpless because I can't operate the screw-driver-thingie. My sis even climbed these horrifying ladders to adjust the lights in the ceiling. I was monitoring the process safely from the ground and basically screaming because I was afraid that she'd fall.

I think you can imagine from my descriptions that I wrote prior to the exhibition that I was totally horrified to go there and see people see my paintings. I was sure that everybody would hate me and the teachers would call me an idiot for bringing the paintings there.


On the left is one of the teachers called Eila. The rest are us students. I'm the one in the green stripes grinning like a maniac because I'm so scared.


This is me being told that the techers have decided to give me special commendation for my paintings. This is a tradition of Alfa-Art and I was quite sure to who it would go this year (not me). I was honestly shocked and it was something I never even thought would happen while I was painting my pieces. Because of this the rest of the evening was just a blur to me I was just amazed and speechless and grateful and most of all I was happy.

Btw. The spot my teachers picked for my paintings was PERFECT. That I did wish for very much but somehow I thought I wouldn't get it. It allowed the visitors very much space to see the paintings from a distance too and that is always very important with big paintings.


This is me standing in front of my favourite pieces. They're both 2 meters tall special prints that one of my teachers bought. Even though the prints that were all printed on hard wiscom board were expensive as hell I think they were well worth it because all of the paintings look like portals to another dimension and all of my pieces were designed to puu in the viewer and feel the sense of massive scale. They simply wouldn't have been as effective if they were smaller. I have both of these paintings in my home too the green scenery is in my work room and the Rock Bridges are in our bedroom. If I sound full of myself for liking these paintings then so be it. I had worked like a madman non stop for this exhibition and I honestly felt I had done all I could to make the paintings as good as possible.  I'f this picture were any bigger from my face you could see that I look like I've been run over by a truck. That truck is my final year of school, but I don'ät regret a single day of it.


Me getting drunk at the gallery bar after the opening night. The girl on the right with the boobs is my sister she's amazing person and helped a lot with the impossible amount of work that the whole exhibition was.

Thank you for all of you who have commented and faved my pieces during my final year. Your support has meant a lot to me because I knew that somebody likes my paintings. Even before I dragged them to that gallery.

My current favourites as prints:

Time is borrowed by angrymikko Village of the Bridge by angrymikko Rock Bridges by angrymikko
Jungle Boardwalk by angrymikko Odyssey by angrymikko Pirate +painted+ by angrymikko

Thank's to all who have marked their spot so far.

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Exhibition starts NOWWW!!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 1, 2008, 11:12 PM
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Volume IX

First off here's info on how to get to the art gallery:


Kaapelitehdas Helsinki

kasin ratikan päättäri. Myös metrolla pääsee Ruoholahteen, josta on lyhyt kävely Kaapelitehtaalle.


Avajaiset klo 17-19 TÄNÄÄN 2. huhtikuuta. Muut ajat lissän myöhemmin. Ilmestykää ihmeessä paikalle!

NOW!? It's finally happening! After a year of hard work. I honestly couldn't be happier about the paintings the teachers picked to be included and what was more astounding was the place the chose for my paintings. I was sure I'd be in some corner where people won't even bother to go but my paintings have a C shaped space right next to the entrance! It's really fantastic because my paintings are so bloody huge that people can see them from the distance too and when you're standing in the center of them it's like a lookout spot with windows to different worlds.

I'm so happy/excited about it that I can't help but keep smiling like an idiot while I'm writing this.

My sister and boyfriend "helped" to hang the paintings and they did a really great job. Especially since I'm completely helpless with a screwdriver, hammer, saw etc. :blush: My sister even climbed these terrifying ladders to fix the lights to my paintings. I was scared just watching that on the ground, but she's the brave one.

The other artist's have great great paintings there too. So I really recommend you visit the gallery as soon as possible.

All my paintings are printed on wiscom board and they cost 500 each. I'm lucky to have sold 2 before the exhibition even began so I'm not nervous at all about my pieces selling. Honestly I'm just happy that some people get to see them in that scale as it's completely different from seeing them on a small screen.

There are few paintings that I haven't posted online yet so I'll post them soon when I get the chance. And I hope someone will take some pics from the opening so I can post them in my journal.

Q and A on paintings

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 23, 2008, 3:04 PM
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Volume VIII

Recently I got an e-mail that asked me some things that I often get asked here or on other galleries.
This is a copy paste from that e-mail I left out personal information of that person so he/she wouldn't mind this journal being open for everyone to see.

"These questions are based on the following painting/drawings i found in your gallery:
-view from rock the rock bridge
-bunny heaven
-jungle boardwalk
-windmill walkway
-rock bridges

What are you trying to achieve with your artwork?
Why do you paint in this fantasy-style?
Does it relate to your personal life / lifestyle?
Are they based on real places?
Why do you like this style?"

First of all some of the questions really confused me. First of all it's simply a mistake to think that I'm only painting certain kind of images now. I've chosen landscapes and speedpaintings as a theme for my final year at my school. Because few of them will represent me in an exhibition those paintings have to work together when they're hanging on that big gallery wall. Because I have been focusing on one area (mainly bridges) it is only natural that I've gotten better at it now than some other areas of my art that I haven't had the time to train at the same time.

Other people have also clearly expressed this view to my art but I try to ignore it so I wouldn't start believing it myself. After all this isn't at all the first time people want to box me into some kind of art. First I was called an "anime" artist then a "gay painter", "scifi deviant", "fantasy painter", "a painter of sexy ladies"(that felt the most weird btw), "traditional artist" and "a guy who mostly does cute stuff". Every week there's someone who picks certain pieces   of my gallery and sums me up in a sentence based on them.

Personally I'm happy that so many different kind of art viewers have seen my work and some even liked it. I will continue to study many different things because that's what I've always done and loved. There's so much I want to learn.

"What do I want to achieve with my artwork?" (or as the person said "are trying to achieve")

That sounds to me so calculating somehow. When it comes to my personal work I don't usually paint because of some goals. It's hard to explain but painting is such a big part of my life that I simply can not be without it. Many of the paintings I do have some kind of world that's different from the real world. Again the world "fantasy style" is way too limiting for me and I can't help but feel uneasy about that word being used on my whole gallery. Anyway like I've often said in my descriptions; when I paint I am in the painting. I am trying to dare myself to walk up the "Rock Bridges" or breathe the misty air from "View From the Rock Bridge". I can hear in my head the sound of the jungle in "Jungle Boardwalk" or seagulls  flying in the wind above "Windmill Walkway". I feel happy because of the bunnies great discovery in "Bunny Heaven".

These feelings are so strong and of then happy for me that painting has become like another home for my mind that I want to return to. Sometimes I feel like I need to say something so badly that I have to paint it. Like the pieces "Orgy of Pain" or "Broken Cocoon".

I think all art is based on the real world somehow. There's a steep hill near my home I have to descent and climb every day when I go to work. Because my theme for the exhibition is bridges I've walked through that road imagining every time it as a different kind of bridge. Sometimes it's misty and there are weird sea creatures flying near the street lamps  and sometimes it's very high and made of ropes or thin boards. So is my art based on my life/lifestyle or is my art part of my everyday life? I can't tell the difference.

This is only my views on these things and I understand that every person is different so please don't think of this as a suggestion to change your art in any way. I don't feel any artist should give that kind of advice to anyone.

As a happy event my prints arrived! They're H-U-G-E and I can not express in words how happy they've made me. I literally stared at them for hours  last week. To me it's like I get to live in these place I've created every day. When I look to my right there's a wall sized window to "View from the Rock Bridge"  Standing in front of the carrot that's bigger than me feels like being in a cartoon. My bf's father helped to attach these things to our walls which was a great help because they're too big for me to handle by myself. For once I've found a print company that had good customer service and produced the colors correctly at the first try.

I hope this has helped the person with the questions to understand my art better. I'm once again sorry if I've butchered your language and made myself look like an idiot in the process. =D



My current favourites as prints:

Time is borrowed by angrymikko Village of the Bridge by angrymikko Rock Bridges by angrymikko
Jungle Boardwalk by angrymikko Odyssey by angrymikko Pirate +painted+ by angrymikko

Thank's to all who have marked their spot so far.

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Busy Painter

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 21, 2008, 1:39 PM
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Volume VII

So what's going on?
The work is taking a chunk out of my life. I have to admit that I'm having trouble doing painting outside of work. I try to limit myself to 10hrs of painting in one day so I have time to let my wrist rest sometimes. I had some arm and finger pains during the first month and it got me a bit worried about it. Then I found out about more ergonomic working methods and the pain vanished. =) Seriously though I don't even feel too bad about painting only few hours on my free time since how many artist's actually paint 10hrs/day? Really.

The paintings I'm doing at home are for my schools final year exhibition that will be held at a big gallery space Kaapelitehdas at Helsinki. Some of the work you see in my gallery will hopefully be there too. I'm making a deal with a print company so that I can arrange the whole thing. I hate writing e-mails and sending big files via ftp. I actually once cancelled a magazine illustration because I didn't want to send a big file like that. I'm incredibly lazy at some things. Bad baaad me.

Anyway I don't know if I'll hold posting my artwork before the exhibition comes because then I'll have more time to answer to e-mails and notes I get about them.  

Even though I can't speak about my work in detail I must say this one thing: It's soooooo hard. Sometimes I have to switch styles over 3 times in one day. When I go home I always feel like I've done some visual yoga session so that all my style muscles are strained. That's actually a good thing because it has helped me to develop in so many directions at the same time. I've also had to focus on the important bits in a painting because sometimes I have to do speedpainting where deadlines and time management is everything. This month my illustration was on Finnish fashion magazine btw, (my friends are upset if I don't report these things it seems.)

My birthday is soon. I'm getting so old it's truly horrifying. I hope men won't stop hitting on me because I'm not "almost illegal" any more! =(  What am I 23 now and 24 soon? Well life is good so whatever...I'm happy.

p.s. I TOTALLY LOVEEEEEEEED THE LONGEST JOURNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

one of the best games ever. Yes I don't mind playing old games sometimes. Mass Effect seems so boring compared to the Longest Journey now. All that dialogue and nobody's saying anything interesting.

My current favourites as prints:

Time is borrowed by angrymikko Village of the Bridge by angrymikko Rock Bridges by angrymikko
Jungle Boardwalk by angrymikko Odyssey by angrymikko Pirate +painted+ by angrymikko

Thank's to all who have marked their spot so far.

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Santa and a new JOB!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 30, 2007, 2:10 PM
Volume VI

For :iconsupersecretsantas: I'd like to have a christmass-y pic of bunnies or anything in my gallery =) :santa:

I got a new job!
I'm now a full-time concept artist for Housemarque that develops games for next gen consoles. It's a really hard job btw. I've painted this week 7,5hrs every day and that's not even counting in all the hours I study 3d and do personal projects at home! But seriously speaking even though I'm tired at the end of the day I'm also extremely happy to be able to combine two things I love; games and art. I might sound overly enthusiastic but that's because this really is the job I've wanted since I was a child and I've worked really hard for years to get it. It feels so different than any job I've done before. I feel like I really want to make everything I do there as good as possible because the paintings will still exist as pieces of art the next day when I return to work. (I guess you can't understand this if you haven't washed dishes before like I have)

I can't upload the paintings I've done there until those projects are published etc. But stay tuned for news from Housemarque to see what's coming next. =) (Just don't ask me that because I can't speak about what's going on behind closed doors there) They recently made Super Stardust HD for PS3, it looks spectacular and got great reviews but I haven't played it yet. But I like that style of colourful effects with big effects. Here's a link to the creators interview:…

Omg I can't believe I actually work with someone whose interview is on ign. I could die happy now. =D:airborne:

                    And thank you for the DD Rebirth by angrymikko

Thank you for for the image of the week Bunny Heaven by angrymikko I'm so happy over 1200 users downloaded that wallpaper. To me a real artist is happy to share his work and not hide it in exclusive snobbish behaviour. That's why I prefer selling cheap prints instead of destroying the original image after a few prints. (Arty people in Finland prefer this method=()

p.s.:I don't care if Britney paid the producers with baby limbs and organs or whatever but Blackout rocks! It's a way more complete album than Timbaland's "Shock Value" (btw why did he need so many guest's on his album if he could have just edited his own voice to sound decent too?) I like "Hot as Ice" so much! Who can listen it for 8 seconds without smiling when the huhahaha-bit starts?! =) I'm grinning even now just thinking about it.

Did you know that you can freely colour my new lineart in my scraps. So far the lineart that's available:
+Beautiful Insults+lineart by angrymikko +Violinist of the Purgatory+ by angrymikko +Letter+ Colours needed by angrymikko

Just note me which piece you wish to colour and I'll send it hi-res to your e-mail address.

Here's some colouring by these nice deviants:
letterline colored by mikec1998 Violinist of Purgatory-color by AngryPotato :thumb68034238: Beautiful Insults by Wildmiguel

I'll feature all the finished pieces here or in my following submissions. It's just so great to see how each artist brings his/her own way of seeing these linearts so I'm really excited about it :excited: Come on join the fun! :party:

I've started decorating my new place with prints!

My current favourites as prints:

Time is borrowed by angrymikko Village of the Bridge by angrymikko Rock Bridges by angrymikko
Jungle Boardwalk by angrymikko Odyssey by angrymikko Pirate +painted+ by angrymikko

Thank's to all who have marked their spot so far.

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How are you guys?

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 29, 2007, 2:16 PM
Volume V

Image Description

Edit: OMG A DD YAYY!!! Thank you all and I wish you all enjoy looking at my gallery. I'm just cooking up some new art as I speak.

I decided that When I write my bg tut I'll put it to scraps along with last journals tutorial because I don't want it to be at the mercy of my subscription. I don't have Visa so paying it every year is kind of difficult.

I want to know the answer to this one question: How are you all guys doing?
I even made a poll to find out so be sure to answer it.

I just moved in with my boyfriend a month ago. It was easy to move because the distance is so short to my last place. I've moved well over 20 times so to me it wasn't that big of a deal. My art school's  final year started and I'm supposed to do oil paintings for the exhibition at the end of the year.

During school it was hard to paint digitally because the school work took all my time and now that I'm free to choose how I work I've been wanting to paint digitally all the time and now I really have to rush with those oil paintings. I've suggested to the teachers many times that I would like to participate to the exhibition with my digital work but you can guess their attitude towards it as they're all traditional artists themselves. :shrug:

I don't have the need to drop either one as I see them both as a good way to express myself in different ways. I just like painting in every way so much it's sad that I have to "defend" my techniques like that. =(
I still love my art teachers though they're really THAT good at Alfa-Art.

Now that there aren't any teachers breathing to my neck I've also been free to return to comic style
(see the bottom of this journal for examples) and I've really enjoyed doing all that detailed line art. I even made a one-page comic:

It was something I've always wanted to do and I'm thinking of doing more similar work. What do you think? It's a scary thought because making a comic is such a huge project that it needs a story, lines and colours.

Something Funny just happened I just put this… poster on my wall in a glass frame and when I started the computer I found out that the very same image is the image of the week at starting today! Sweet =)

Image Description

Did you know that you can freely colour my new lineart in my scraps. So far the lineart that's available:
+Beautiful Insults+lineart by angrymikko +Violinist of the Purgatory+ by angrymikko +Letter+ Colours needed by angrymikko

Just note me which piece you wish to colour and I'll send it hi-res to your e-mail address.

Here's some colouring by these nice deviants:
letterline colored by mikec1998 Violinist of Purgatory-color by AngryPotato :thumb68034238: Beautiful Insults by Wildmiguel
I'll feature all the finished pieces here or in my following submissions. It's just so great to see how each artist brings his/her own way of seeing these linearts so I'm really excited about it :excited: Come on join the fun! :party:

I've started decorating my new place with prints!

My current favourites as prints:

Time is borrowed by angrymikko Village of the Bridge by angrymikko Rock Bridges by angrymikko
Jungle Boardwalk by angrymikko Odyssey by angrymikko Pirate +painted+ by angrymikko

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Painting tutorial

Wed Apr 4, 2007, 4:18 PM
Volume IV

Image Description

This volume of angry-times includes art theory and views on painting in the tutorial that tell how I feel about painting now. This is NOT absolute thruth of the world and everything I say can and should be done the way you feel natural. The basic rules of colour and composition can be broken and used more creatively. This is ART people, the only place where everything is possible so whatever you do remember to have FUN! =D

Also "The Unwanted" is now available as a shiny pretty print.

 The Unwanted by angrymikko

Image Description

I often get asked how I start my paintings. the truth is that I do almost every one of my paintings differently. It keeps things fresh and I always learn something new. So there definitely isn't one right way to do it.

I'm going to post to my journal this little mini tutorial how I do THIS particular painting to show at least one side of my work methods. I won't cover the basic painting info you can see in most tutorials so that I'll have space to write something you maybe haven't thought of before.

The first thing is to have an idea of what do you want to do. If you don't know what you want it will make it hard to solve problems later. Sketch like this is a good place to start. I was inspired by a very bad but visually beautiful movie "Caravaggio", because Caravaggio and Remrandt have always been my favourites I want this painting to have a same kind of play with light and shadow as their masterpieces.

It is very important that when you sketch you also consider the overall values of the image. Choose if your image is going to bee mainly dark, mid-value or light. Not 30% of everything.

Here the image is going to be mostly dark with some mid-values and even less bright light.  The composition is going to focus on light and pull the viewers attention to the light areas where they form the biggest contrast with the dark background.

It should be noted that my way of painting with light colours on dark background is very odd so experiment what is the most natural way for you to define forms.

Image Description

Here I've lifted the drawing on a layer above background. Building your colours with light opacity brushes on white background isn't a good idea if you don't intend to leave your background white. The white will get glued to all over your painting as you colour pick the colours that are glazed over it.

At this stage the image is still quite small to throw around big area's of colour quickly.

Decide the COLOUR of your light source. White light hardly ever appears in real life and it's most easy to paint but also boring to look at. The colour of your light controls the colour of your shadows. The shadow colour is always the complementary colour to the colour of light. Naturally remember that by colour I mean that the obect's local colour has the shadow colour's hue on it. So red object can still look red in green shadow sometimes when the shadow colour is only a see-through glazing on it.

The hardest pat in the colour of the light source is to change hues all over the painting. The intensity and the hue of the light-colour can't be same everywhere because it will flatten the feeling of space and lessen the depth of the painting.

The rule of change applies to everything. Vary the shapes that look too close to each other. Vary the colours of objects so that the use of colour won't appear monotonous. Vary the sharpness of surface edges. Sharp edges appear to be closer and draw most attention. Also intensity of of hues should be most bright at the area where you want the viewer's eye to be drawn to. If you want the centre of interest to be far away in the distance you have to make the composition point out the location clearly enough so that the bright colours in the foreground won't steal the show.

Image Description

So here I've used a very BIG brush to quickly flesh out some basic hues and values that are going to be the most important in this painting. Don't worry if you're going to make mistakes because that's what this face is all about; doing it wrong so you have something to fix and a direction where you are going to. I'm painting the skin on it's own layer but I'm working on the whole painting at once.

The character's shoulder skintone is bleeding to the background so that they look like they are both part of the same scene this also gives an impression of thick atmosphere. More importantly it breaks up the hard contrast between the character and the background wall so that the guy won't look like a cardboard figure when it's complete.

Bouncing light and colour off surfaces is very important to add realism and depth to your work. Remember that all materials don't reflect light the same way. Matte surfaces suck the light to themselves while glossy surfaces reflect the colour of light + the local colour of the object to the objects where the light is reflected to.

Don't let the term "bg" fool you- the background is just as important element in the composition as that whatever you are painting. It will add the feeling of space and moment + your painting will actually look finished when it's complete.

At this stage before I start to work on the details I reduce the opacity of the drawing layer to 30%. If you want your image to look three dimensional then get rid of the lineart. Lines are a good excuse to leave paintings unfinished because the forms are so easily described by a few lines. Black lineart yet again is one factor that causes the space to flatten in your painting. Amazingly real life doesn't have lines. So it comes down to the question if you want your image to look realistic or not?

More thoughts on details when the time comes!

Thank you for reading and remember that I can aswer to any questions you might have. I read and reply to all my notes too.

Image Description

Crazy talent alert!

   the scientist by alothnal  :thumb35813971:  
:thumb51914672:  :thumb40365074:  :thumb40250832:

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